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Immerse yourself for 60 minutes in our themed "Escape Rooms" full of cryptic puzzles and clues.

Working together as a team to solve the riddles, communication is the key.


Fun for all the family whatever age. 

Located in East Sussex, between Lewes and Uckfield on the main A26

"Cabin in the Woods"

Our Newest Game - For 2 players only.


Starting Chained to the wall.

You have one hour to escape before the kidnapper returns.

You will need to work as a team

"Code Breaker"

Our Most Popular Family Game - For 2 -6 players only.


It's 1943 our country needs you! 

Can you unscramble the codes, decode the messages and find the double agents identity?

You only have one hour.

Communcation and teamwork are a must.

Visit our on site Tea Rooms

Open Wednesday to Sunday 

9am -3pm

Freshly made:

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Cream Teas

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