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A Brand New Adventure

awaits you at 



This is NOT an Escape Room 

Encryption is thrilled to introduce Compendium, our new 80-minute lifesize game! Now you can play the games that you all know and love and others  with family, friends, and colleagues, after enjoying a welcome complimentary drink.

Gather around and have an incredible time as you play a mixture of lifesized games like never before. Our game room is packed with surprises, laughs, and fun. It's time to unleash your competitive side and show off your gaming skills in a completely new way! So what are you waiting for? Grab a few friends, put on your game faces, and come on down to Encryption. It's time to have some fun with Compendium!

Played against each other in two even teams; with your friends, family or work colleagues.

Start your experience with a prior 20 minute meet and greet of your individual teams hosts.

(Including a complementary drink; Tea, Coffee or Soft drink)

Then the one hour of games and fun will start.

Let the spinning wheel decide which games your teams will play. (50 mins)

Win the individual team games to gain extra time, for the final team head to head showdown! (10 mins)

6 people (Two teams of 3) = £20.50 Each 

8 People (Two teams of 4) = £19.50 Each 

10 People (Two teams of 5) = £18.50 Each 

12 People (Two Teams of 6) = £17.50 Each 


Any children Under 15yrs old  must have an adult in the room 

Play in teams

Played in two even teams.

Minimum 6, ( 3 Per Team)  Maximum 12, ( 6 per Team) 

Suitable for all ages.


We have taken many family favourite games, added in some Fair Ground activities and supersized them to make the experience even more fun.

A spinning wheel will decide the games you play.

Against the clock

Play as many different games as possible in 50 minutes to win extra time. Use that extra time in the "Final Round" a 10 minute head to head showdown to see which team is the overall winner.

Repeat Play

As the games are selected by our spinning wheel you never know what games you will or will not play. 

So you can book over and over again with the same or another team and play again.

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