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Due to the recent UK Government announcement, customers are asked to wear a face covering on arrival . 


Additional (COVID-19) Coronavirus Information:  
Due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Encryption Escape Rooms are doing everything we can to protect you, our customers, our community and our staff. To this extent, Encryption Escape Rooms will be following the UK Government Guidelines with regard to Social Distancing Practices and Sanitation. We ask that our customers continue to implement the Social Distancing of 2 meters and use hand sanitising procedures whilst visiting our location.

We are politely asking all customers to wear a face covering, for the foreseeable future.

Remember main symptoms of COVID-19 include:
Dry Cough
Loss of Taste or Smell

You and your team will not be able to play in our Escape Rooms if: 
Any member of your household / team has experienced any of the symptoms listed above within the last 14 days, or if any members have travelled internationally in the last 30 days or travelled to a highly impacted area within the United Kingdom in the last 30 days, or have been asked to self Isolate.

Encryption Escape Rooms cannot be held liable from any exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) caused by misinformation or the health history provided by each customer. 

Encryption Escape Rooms are following these enhanced procedures below to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  1. -A maximum of 6 paying customers only will be allowed in the rooms depending on which room is booked.

  2. -Our Staff will continue to wear a face covering whilst in the company of our customers.

  3. - Fewer Daily Bookings so that additional time will be scheduled in between customers rooms for deep cleaning and to limit any customer contact between Bubbles

  4. -Each customer is required to sanitise their hands upon arrival and before departure, using the hand sanitiser provided.

  5. -All equipment / games, props and surfaces used during each game will be cleaned, sterilised, and / or disinfected according to the manufacturer’s directions. before the next team arrives to use the room.

  6. -All of our rooms are ventilated and these fans will run throughout your game, refreshing the air before, during and after each game.

We are so pleased to announce that with thanks to the professional owners of Sparkles Cleaning Sussex Limited, we have had our Escape Rooms fogged with the latest Zoono antimicrobial technology.

We also have an agreement for Sparkles Cleaning Sussex Limited to return regularly, to ensure our Escape Rooms are constantly kept as safe as possible, using this world leading product, which kills viruses and bacteria for many days.

Sparkles Certificate