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"Cabin in the Woods"

Our Newest Game - For 2 players only.


Starting Chained to the wall.

You have one hour to escape before the kidnapper returns. A fun game for all ages.

You will need to work as a team

"Code Breaker"

Our Most Popular Family Game - For 2 - 6 players only.

(Rule of 6 applies)


It's 1943 our country needs you! 

Can you unscramble the codes, decode the messages and find the double agents identity?

You only have one hour.

Communcation and teamwork are a must.

Prices for total number of Players: 

2 Players - £45

3 Players - £60

4 Players - £75

5 Players - £90

6 Players - £100.50

There is a £1.50 booking fee per booking,

* New Room Under Construction

* Gift Vouchers Available

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